Schools and Education

Activio Solution for Schools and a healthier future

Use Activio’s systems for enhanced learning with pulse training, improve goal achievement and student health or motivational tools in sports and health.

Activio’s Solution for schools is specifically created for learning environments to enhance creativity among students, performance among athletes and motivation for the everyday work out.

We are proud to say that we have over 13 years of experience and expertise in heart rate training. We are certain that we are all born to move, and that by introducing a healthy lifestyle during young age, we can create a long lasting healthy habit.

All studies have shown that the learning process and a students motivation is stimulated if you mix up classroom studies with physical education – simply letting the kids move.

This is where it all begins

All Activio Solutions are the perfect tool to motivate kids to move. Movement is, by far, the most natural way to stimulate the learning process.

With our products – whatever solution you choose, kids, students and teachers get instant feedback.

The gauge is super easy to understand and also one of Activio’s strengths. Developed in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet. The “analog” gauge is easier to understand for the user compared to the “digital version”.  If you move faster the meter will move up, if you slow down, it will move in the opposite direction. Easy!

Using colors to describe the intensity zones makes it even more understandable and fun.

It’s the perfect tool to get them moving!


20 minutes of physical activity – on one occasion – improves 9 year old kids reading comprehension
(Hillman C 2009)


12 minutes of physical activity improves reading comprehension and concentration
(Tine M et al 2010)


4 (!) minutes physical activity increases 10 year old kids ability to disregard distractions
(Ma et al 2015)

Learning doesn’t happen from the neck up, but from the feet up - Mike Kuczala


We have different solutions to fit all needs on the market. For schools we recommend the Activio Tablet Solution.

The Activio Tablet Solution is a development of the highly regarded Activio Premium Solution and designed for both individual training, personal training and group training. And perfect for physical education and learning environments. 

Just like the Activio Premium Solution, it’s a complete heart rate training solution – but more flexible. This all-rounder will bump up the quality and enhance the experience in every kind of activity.



The Activio Tablet Solution has a transmission range of at least 50 meters up to 300 meters between the heart rate monitors and the Activio system, which enables physical education sessions both indoor and outdoor.

The system doesn´t need to be connected online during the training session. The recorded training data will be uploaded to afterwards when the system is in range for any wifi network connection.

All our solutions operates on a Windows platform. For schools using Mac computers we recommend to install BootCamp (this software offers Windows applications to run on Mac platforms) and run the Activio software within the BootCamp platform.