Activio Virtual Trainer

Activio Virtual Trainer

Virtual Trainer is an extension to Activio Fitness System which enables group cardio instructors to create and design profiles of their cardio class. The profile is presented as ”hill curve” on the same display as the Activio Intensity Meter. This helps workout participants to see what’s ahead and to plan their effort – how much further?, how hard should I be working?


With the profile creation tool, the instructor designs and plots the class profile in an ordinary web browser ahead of class. The profiles are instantly ready to use.


In class, the instructor selects a profile to use in a simple one-step process on the Activio Solution System. The selected class profile is then displayed during class.
Activio Virtual Trainer is designed to interact with

  • If you are an instructor teaching classes with Activio and your clus is using the Virtual Trainer tool and you want to have access to the Class Designer tool, please fill in the form at to get access to the tool.


no. of users: Unlimited
system requirements: Web browser with Adobe Flash support.*

* Not included


Activio Power Solution, Activio Premium Solution and Activio Tablet Solution with Internet access.* contents on delivery:

Access to Class Designer on
Software update with Class Guide