Activio Tablet Solution

Designed for both individual training and group training

Activio Tablet Solution is a development of the highly regarded Activio Premium Solution and designed for both individual training, personal training and group training. Just like the Activio Premium Solution, it’s a complete heart rate training solution – but more flexible. This all-rounder will bump up the quality and enhance the experience on every kind of fitness training in the club.

Log in and start the workout

Users simply put on a chest belt, log in on the touchscreen, tablet or laptop and join the heart rate training. Individual heart rates are then continuously presented on the integrated display or extended on a projector or LED screen. Activio Tablet Solution has a long range and is designed for secure transmissions even in environments with high levels of interference. With up to 80 users simultaneously it will cover any larger group session.

Super Flexible

Activio Tablet Solution can be integrated as a flexible complement to an already existing Activio Premium Solution. A perfect solution for stepping up the club’s heart rate training offer!

Activio Tablet Solution interacts seamlessly with – web-based personal training. It will upload all training data to the cloud.

The Activio Tablet Solution has a transmission range of at least 50 meters up to 300 meters between the heart rate monitors and the Activio system, which enables training sessions or physical education sessions both indoor and outdoor.

The system doesn´t need to be connected online during the training session. The recorded training data will be uploaded to afterwards when the system is in range for any wifi network connection.


no. of users: up to 80 users simultaneously
range: up to 300m
Battery life: up to 1.500 hours (approximately 300 hours if used every day for 1 hour)
system requirements: Laptop with 2 GHz processor, 2 Gb RAM, 1 Gb free disk space, 1 free USB port, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP.*

* Tablet or Laptop is not included with Activio Tablet Solution

Wireless technology

ANIP (TM) Activio Non-Interference Protocol


Activio Tablet Solution Software
Heart Rate Chest Belts
Receiver unit
USB with manual and marketing material
Virtual Trainer

Quote Activio Tablet Solution

Including Activio software and the first year license, also including support and free upgrades, standard chest belts.
(Tablet or Laptop, projector/screen or LED screen is not included)


Please note that this is only an estimate price excluding VAT and not a valid offer. Price includes a one-year license of Activio Solution. Support and free upgrades is also included free of charge. Subscription will be renewed automatically after one year.