Activio Sport Solution

Leading heart rate training system

Activio Sport Solution is the leading heart rate training system used by professional athletes, coaches, researchers and schools all over the world. It enables physical information to be recorded and analyzed in real time – the hard facts needed to perfect both team and individual training programs. This can be done during training or actual match play without impeding the athletes performance.

Used by leading sports teams

Since the start in 2003, Activio has become a proven concept in the fitness industry as well as in professional sports. Today there is a wide and long list of fitness facilities, schools, universities and sports teams using Activio on a daily basis.
Activio is used by leading sports teams, such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Benfica, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Everton FC and Aston Villa FC.


With the lightweight and portable system it’s easy for coaches to get a comprehensive and accurate status on the team’s and each individual player’s physical status.


Having real time information on every player’s physical status makes it possible to optimize each player’s fitness level and performance, without running the risk of overtraining.


Activio Sport Solution saves all raw data and real time analyses, enabling accurate tracking of the team’s and each individual player’s response to a training regime, This makes it much easier for coaches to design training programs and make necessary micro adjustments during each session.

The Activio Sport Solution is lightweight and portable, monitoring up to 80 simultaneous users with a range of up to 300 meters in each direction – easily covering all players on everything from a football field to a volley ball court or in the gym. Feedback is updated every second, giving an extremely detailed information.

Players and users simply strap on the lightweight chest belt and go. The system transmits physical real time data to a tablet, laptop or widescreen display, where it can be monitored, analysed and saved for tracking.

• Real time physical feedback on all players on the field
• Instantly adjust and modify training programs on individual level
• Compare individual players vs teams
• Avoid over-training without compromising training intensity
• Produce quick coach reports instantly after training or games


no. of users: up to 80 users simultaneously
range: up to 300m in each direction
Battery life: up to 1.500 hours (approximately 300 hours if used every day for 1 hour)
system requirements: Laptop with 2 GHz processor, 2 Gb RAM, 1 Gb free disk space, 1 free USB port, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP.*

* Tablet or Laptop is not included with Activio Sport Solution


ANIPTM Activio Non-Interference Protocol
contents on delivery:

Activio Sport Solution Software
Heart Rate Chest Belts (optional is Activio Smart Belt)
Receiver unit
Antenna stand
Activio Sport System bag
USB with manual and marketing material

Quote Activio Sport Solution

Including Activio software and the first year license, also including support and free upgrades, receiver, antenna stand, sport bag and standard chest belts (optional is Activio Smart Belts).
(Tablet/Laptop or projector/screen is not included)


Please note that this is only an estimate price excluding VAT and not a valid offer. Price includes a one-year license of Activio Solution. Support and free upgrades is also included free of charge. Subscription will be renewed automatically after one year.