Activio Smart Belt

The Only Chest Belt You need

The only chest belt for both group training and solo-training – at the gym or anywhere else.

The Activio Smart Belt and the free Activio app lets you keep track of your heart rate training and how many calories you burn in real time.

Use it for running, cycling, walking or gym training and see how your heart rate changes, follow complete programs and pulse curves and achieve faster results.

You can download Activio’s app from iTunes and Google Play for help to maximize your training. Activio Smart Belt also works with third party apps like Runkeeper, Endomondo, Strava and MapMyFitness.

Use the built in memory to record your training without having your smartphone nearby and upload your data after your training session. With the built in accelerometer you can track distance, pace and more.


• Heart rate training anywhere with a personal chest belt
• Works with all Activio Systems and selected smartphones (iPhone & Android)*
• Bluetooth Smart® connected (Bluetooth 4.0– no adapter needed
• Compatible with most third party training apps, including the Activio training app (called Put your heart into your workout).
• Train in right zone to optimize your performance and results
• Measures heart rate training
• Measures calories burned
• Works with most forms of exercise where your heart rate and results are in focus
• Waterproof
• iOS support (Bluetooth Smart support, Bluetooth v 4.0)
• Android support (Android 4.3 or later versions)

Activio Smart Belt - generation 2 (white HR module)

Activio Smart Belt is a complete and groundbreaking solution for all forms of heart rate training. It uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor heart rate both when group training at the gym – and anywhere else.

Activio Smart Belt takes heart rate training to the next level, giving your members a complete and motivating concept for all their heart rate training needs.

By making Activio Smart Belt part of your member offer you can enhance the member retention as well as your clubs revenue.

Activio Smart Belt is the only personal heart rate chest belt that can be used with all Activio systems AND with an iPhone or Android.

All heart rate data are cloud-synced automatically to the member account, making it easy to track, analyze and plan training.

And when members go training by themselves – running, biking, skiing or even playing football – Activio Smart Belt connects with the new Activio App for iPhone and Android. Heart rate is presented in real-time with the Activio Intensity Meter, using the same, simple five-zone interface users have come to appreciate. No complicated charts or detailed layouts – only the information needed to stay on target.

A complete heart rate training solution

By making Activio Smart Belt a part of your gym store, you can offer not only the convenience of a personal chest belt – but also a complete heart rate training solution.

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starting up

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connecting to Bluetooth

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shutting down