Activio Power Solution

Show your power

Optimize your bike room!
With the Activio Power Solution you get the real deal. No more guessing on what you perform and deliver in the saddle.

The truth is – nothing can measure up to power. It will make you and your customers experience a new era in indoor cycling. Make sure you join the ride.

The users get instant feedback on heart rate, power and cadence. Combing all those variables will turn your group training classes to success. The system is easy to use and motivating.


After a workout a detailed progress report is available on myActivio and emailed to all the users with an account.

All the guessing is gone. It is all about taking your customers training to a brand new level, removing the what ifs and doubts using hard core facts that will improve your customers results rapidly.

We have been taking our Activio Premium Solution to a new level. Join the ride and show your power.

New dark themed gauge with five power zones

Five numerical values for power (W), % of FTP, heart rate, % of maximum heart rate and cadence. 100% FTP indicator on the gauge.

For every athlete power at lactate threshold is the most important physiological determinant of endurance cycling. The FTP (functional treshold power) indicator is marked on the gauge in the orange zone.

To make power understandable and motivating, we have simplefied the Coggan power zones to 5 zones instead of 7. Activio Zone 1 refers to Coggan Power Zone 1+2 and Activio Zone 5 to Coggan Power Zone 6+7.

Zone 1


Zone 2


Zone 3


Zone 4


Zone 5

121% →


The Activio Power Solution can work with two different transmission technologies to transfer the power (watt) and cadence (rpm), when included together with the power data, from indoor bikes to the Activio Power Solution.

The heart rate is transmitted as usual with the Activio branded heart rate sensors and our proprietary non-interference radio technology.

Compatible with all watt bikes that has an ANT+ Power profile or Keiser M3i. Bikes above is just a selection, the Activio Power Solution is compatible with most common brands.
For example AC Performance Carbon Blue with Echelon2 console, Wattbike, Keiser M3i, Stages S3, Body Bike Connect, Body Bike Smart+, Tomahawk IC6/IC7 and more.

Curious to know more, if your bikes are compatible and how to get or upgrade your current system to the Activio Power Solution – contact


Activio Power Solution follows the same basic specification as the Activio Premium Solution, in addition the Activio Power Solution also:

Supports the ANT+ Power Profile, including power (Watt) and cadence (RPM), e.g. Body Bike Connect etc, see Bike Requirements here.

Supports the Keiser M3i bike (together with the Keiser Multi-Bike Receiver Box) for power and cadence.

NOTE: Supports only one of these two power solutions per installation, not a mixed environment.

Optional support for “heart rate only” display,  “the Classic Activio view”.


A newer Activio Panel PC (Activio Premium Solution). Full HD projector with native 1920×1080 resolution (recommended).

The system can operate with lower resolutions (down to 1024×768), not recommended for more than 10-15 meters distance to screen.

Compatible watt bikes (ANT+ Power profile or Keiser M3i), see the verified bikes here.

If Keiser M3i bikes is used, the bikes need to be pre-configured with ID in the bike console.

Quote Activio Power Solution

Including Activio software and the first year license, also including support and free upgrades, Panel PC login terminal, receiver, standard chest belts, Power kit for bikes.
(projector/screen or LED screen is not included)


Please note that this is only an estimate price excluding VAT and not a valid offer. Price includes a one-year license of Activio Solution. Support and free upgrades is also included free of charge. Subscription will be renewed automatically after one year.