GET FEEDBACK - MAKE PROGRESS is a personal feedback solution which automatically uploads members’ recorded training data to a personal training diary on the web. With you can track and analyze heart rate data and progress, making it easier – and more fun – to plan and follow up on training. It’s extremely user friendly and requires little or no introduction to start using.


The personal training calendar can be accessed by club members from any computer over the internet, and presents a quick overview of your training schedule, as well as your latest results.


The training data is automatically updated after each workout as a pulse curve and presented on in easy-to-follow charts. By using the integrated tools, users can shape and modify their feedback curves to make detailed analysis of their performance in every workout. There’s even the possibility to comment and share workout results on Facebook and other social media (using the Activio app).



All previous training data is stored, enabling to generate over-time reports. This makes it easy for users and instructors to follow progress on an individual level and plan future training programmes.


no. of users: Unlimited
system requirements Web browser with Adobe Flash support.*

* Not included

supported Activio systems:

Activio App, Activio Premium Solution, Activio Power Solution, Activio Tablet Solution, Activio Sport Solution, Activio Virtual Trainer with Internet access.

Older systems: Activio Fitness System, Activio Small Group System and Activio Dynamic System with Internet access.*