Press Release    2017-07-04

Since its beginning of 2003, Stockholm-based Activio has been a world-leading player in Fitness Tech and one of the pioneers and specialist in group heart rate transmission and monitoring systems within fitness and professional athletic training, focusing on global health and human well being.

The company’s products and services have been developed in cooperation with leading organizations in the training industry and sports research, including the Swedish Olympic Committee, the Swedish Football Association, the Royal College of Sports Sciences in Stockholm, the Royal Institute of Technology and the Karolinska Institute. Activio’s products are available in almost 1,500 facilities around the world and are used by leading sports clubs such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea FC, Arsenal and large Scandinavian health fitness providers like SATS, Nordic Wellness and Friskis & Svettis.

Now, the company announces that it is preparing an expansion to more European markets as two new investors have joined; Dutch HDD Group and Swedish HEAL. HDD Group is a leading fitness group from the Netherlands with over 25 years of experience in the industry and strong roots in Germany and the Benelux region. HEAL, or Health Alliance, is a newly established investment group, backed by the venture capital company Wellstreet, focusing on startups and companies within preventive health. Activio’s CEO Moris Lahdo, along with the new investors, has aimed at Europe and the rest of the world.


  • Activio was the first to provide the most advanced and reliable systems in the industry. We decided to invest in Activio because of the added value of optimizing training results for the end users, not to mention that Activio makes the training easier, more efficient and fun, says Jan Middelkamp, Development Director at HDD Group.


  • We see Activio as a strategic investment as it gives users a unique training experience based on their own conditions and training goals. Activio is a schoolbook example of innovative companies that make a difference and inspire a sustainable well-being, says Jöns-Petter Svensson, chairman of HEAL, and newly appointed partner in Wellstreet.


  • We welcome the new investors to Activio International. Together we will strengthen the company’s position and adopt a more customer-focused strategy to expand our market share to become the self-evident supplier in the European Measuring training and optimizing training results is an increasingly important part of the training progression, this kind of tools strengthens the fitness club’s offers and gives the members a strong added value. It also and increases ROI to the club, Activio is an excellent tool for visualizing this, says Moris Lahdo, CEO of Activio International.


For more information contact:

Moris Lahdo, CEO Activio International AB, +46 76 340 84 00,

Jöns-Petter Svensson, partner Wellstreet, +46 70 555 76 11,