The Hard Facts

Robust and Stable

Activio uses cutting edge digitial technology based on years of academic research and development. With our products you get a professional, dedicated and complete solution, using only components selected specifically for heart rate group training in demanding environments. It simply keeps on working.

And as a complete supplier, Activio is of course responsible for the entire solution.

Easy to use

Most people know how to use our products just by looking at them. They are designed to be extremely easy to use for both instructors and participants.

Also, they are very quick to start and the chest belts are strapped on and adjusted in only a few seconds, reducing waiting time to near nothing. Classes are started with a fast and simple log-in on a touchscreen.

The reliable design also ensures a minimum of service, giving very low cost of operation.

Developed specifically for group training

Activio’s products are designed and developed specifically for the challenging and tough demands of heart rate group training. That makes it unique on the market.

At the heart of all our products is the Activio Intensity Meter, on which each user can follow their individual heart rate and intensity level instantly, anonymously and in real time.
The Activio Intensity Meter, has proven to be easier to read and understand during physical activity than simple digital meters.

Built to grow

All Activio products are prepared to function with other Activio products, making possible complete solutions which can handle up to 300 simultaneous users at multiple points in the health club.

Also, add-on features, such as the personal training diary and the class guide Activio Virtual Trainer.

This makes Activio a solid and flexible investment, which grows as you grow.


A product is only as good as the people using it. And although Activio’s products can be used almost straight out of the box, we believe education and training is as important as the system itself.
Basic training is always is a part of any new installment. To help you get the best from training with heart rate and power, Activio also offers training programs and courses through our in-house academic expertise. We regularly arrange lectures, workshops and seminars in heart rate training and participate in events with Activio classes.